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Rajnikanth appreciated Shah Rukh Khan for “Lungi dance”

Rajnikanth appreciated Shah Rukh Khan for “Lungi dance”

While some south Indians found the posters and trailers of Chennai Express demeaning the Tamil culture, superstar Rajinikanth called Shahrukh Khan to say that he liked the ‘Lungi dance’ from the movie. This special track in the film is a tribute to Rajinikanth. Shahrukh Khan was thrilled that this legendary actor called him up to praise the song. “He (Rajinikanth) called me three days back and he saw the video on YouTube. He said it’s very good, very naughty, very sweet,” explained SRK. “It’s really nice that you have done this song,” expressed Rajinikanth.

“I’m very happy that Rajini sir is happy with the song and the family is happy,” he said at a press conference on Wednesday, August 7. The song’s lyrics include Rajinikanth’s name in it. One of the lines goes like this, ‘All the Rajini fans, Don’t miss the chance. Lungi dance’. Shahrukh had earlier called Rajiiniknth and his daughter Soundarya to seek permission to honour the legend in the song. “As gracious, humble and sweet he is, he said, ‘Why are you doing it, sir? You are such a big star yourself’,” SRK quoted Rajinikanth. The 47-year-old Shahrukh praises Rajinikanth’s and says that he speaks so sweetly. He also tells us what he told Rajinikanth.”I am sending you the song and please let me know how do you like it” SRK told Rajinikanth. The song, which was sung by Yo Yo Honey Singh, was shot in a day-and-a-half. Shahrukh says he could not miss paying the tribute in Chennai Express. “I thought the timing is good. If you don’t pay a tribute to Rajini sir in a film called Chennai Express, then it is incomplete,” he said.

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