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Shah Rukh Khan copies Mahesh Babu

Shah Rukh Khan copies Mahesh Babu

There have been a number of South Indian movies that have been remade in Bollywood and Chennai Express looks like yet another one. This recently released Shahrukh Khan movie has broken many records at the Box-Office. However, few audiences from the South felt that the film copied some scenes from South Indian movies. This record breaking movie has directly lifted a famous scene from a Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu’s movie titled Okkadu. There is a scene in Chennai Express where Rahul (Shahrukh) is escaping from the goondas by placing a weapon on Meena’s (Deepika Padukone) neck. He then drags the villain in his jeep and drops him into a ditch.

Meanwhile all the goondas are running behind the jeep with their weapons. This entire episode is lifted from Okkadu which stars Bhoomika Chawla in the lead with Prakash Raj as the villain. In both the films, the protagonist wants to marry the heroine and that is the reason why she is always on the run. There are few other scenes in the movie which resemble South Indian commercial cinema. Interestingly, almost all the actors in Chennai Express are South Indians excluding SRK. Earlier too, many big South Indian films have been remade into Hindi – take for instance Ghajini and Rowdy Rathod! Now, with Rohit Shetty being highly influenced by Tollywood and Kollywood, it looks like everyone is enjoying some South Indian masala.

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