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Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai express : Audience Review

Shah Rukh Khan’s Chennai express : Audience Review

Chennai Express, I boarded this train without any expectations, and guess what, the journey was really good. The story of Chennai Express is all about Rahul who wants to go for a trip to Goa with his friends but has the responsibility given by his grandmother to immerse his beloved grandfather’s ashes in Rameshwara. He utters a lie to his grandmother that he is going to Rameshwaram and boards Chennai Express, thinking he can get down in between, in some station and can join his friends. Fate had something else, he meets Deepika Padukone, who says she is kidnapped by goons, who later turns out to be her relatives. She had run from her home to escape from getting married. Deepika takes SRK’s help to escape from her father, but later falls in love with SRK. How they escape from Deepika’s father form the rest of the story.

┬áThe story mentioned above is nothing new, and I won’t say it’s predictable. Almost all stories in Bollywood are predictable. It is not boring either, since you will be engrossed in the comedy part of the movie. Rohit Shetty in Bol Bachchan had taken the concept of puzzles being directly translated to English (which was meaningless, funny and sometimes over the top). In this movie, he has taken the concept of singing and talking instead of just speaking, which is impressive.

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