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Sunny leones gain is Ranbir Kapoors loss?

Sunny leones gain is Ranbir Kapoors loss?

Porn star Sunny Leone is said to be stealing all the show from B-Town’s talented actor Ranbir Kapoor. And here’s how this is happening! Ranbir’s upcoming movie Besharam has been receiving a lot of attention ever since it was conceptualised. Reportedly, Besharam’s trailer that got released a few days back is getting hampered due to another site. Mid Day claims that people who are logging in to watch the movie Besharam’s trailer on internet, are reportedly getting directed to another website that shows Sunny Leone in sexy, revealing clothes. A source informed the daily that “People are looking forward to watching the trailer as it features Ranbir. But the other website seems to be hijacking all the attention that’s coming their way”.

On the other hand, when Sunny Leone was enquired about the same, the gorgeous actress said that she does not own the website. She further stated that it “was a company in America and I shot for it in the past. I don’t know much about the site and its promotions, as we are in no way involved in it”.

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