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“Toofan” director angry on Ram Charan fans

“Toofan” director angry on Ram Charan fans

Ram charan is shocked with the sudden behaviour of director and even he is facing few warnings from his director. As we all know that Ram charan Bollywood grand debut Zanjeer is all set ready for release on Sep 6th and promotion works are running successfully by whole film unit. Director Apoorva is following few different concepts in promoting.

But Ram charan fans are not happy with Apoorva promotions and they started messaging  through social networking sites , few started using bad words in messages and suggesting how to promote movie. Apoorva got angry on this issue calls up Ram charan and clarifies him to mention his fans to not to message to his profile. “I am director of many films and i don’t need someone to suggest me to how should i deal with promotions” said the ace director. This sudden response from Apoorva shocked Ram charan.

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